jQuery UI components – Chico UI

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Most jQuery developers out there use jQuery UI for their theming and UI interface components and I agree that it does the job pretty well. But, searching for themes for jQuery UI, I came across an alternative of it called Chico UI (an open source and free set of UI components that work perfectly with […]

ViniSketch Designer – Create mobile apps on OSX

If you are a fan of Mac OSX and also a developer, than ViniSketch Designer might come in handy when developing mobile apps using only native web technologies. The mobile app creator comes with feature-rich visual editors + dataflow and code editors for keeping the dev under control. The engine of ViniSketch has support for […]

Small handy list of CSS3 button generators

In the old days, buttons were usually styled up via image editing programs like Photoshop or Fireworks. Some buttons were simply designed without any cool effects you can add using image editing programs (this usually happened to input HTML tags and the only thing you could do was to change the background color, border color […]

Dashboard for analyzing website data: Cyfe

If you have a website, you probably analyze every part of it (traffic, sales, social profiles, etc) and pay a high attention to metrics to see if things are performing as expected. All these data are usually found on different applications or interfaces for example Google Analytics for traffic, WordPress Admin panel for comments, leads […]

HTML5 reset template version 2.0

Most of us developers start projects over and over again using the same HTML5 template including the same HTML and CSS files and forget about best practices. Now, that modern browsers are starting to support new features from HTML5 and CSS3 technology, its time to change our default template also. For those who don’t know, […]

10 WordPress responsive plugins

We all know for sure that technology won’t stop from evolving and all modern screens (speaking from the readers point of view) can be between a 30″ desktop monitor and a 3.5″ iPhone screen. Usually, most sites use two version of the main site and distribute them depending on the user (mobile or desktop). This […]

Add alerts to your favicon using Tynicon

There are a lot of stuff out there that can attract users attention, and most of them are usually popups. How about capturing their attention using alerts on your website’s favicon? Tinycon can help you with that! This nice and tiny JavaScript library allows you to add alert bubbles and changing the favicon image. A […]

JavaScript flip page effect: Turn.js

There are a lot of Flash resources out there that can create a flip page effect, but as we all know, many things that were possible doing only on Flash can now be done easily with HTML5 and JavaScript. Today we present a JavaScript flip page effect called Turn.js. Working perfectly with jQuery and HTML5, […]

HTML5 Chart & Graph OpenSource creator

Being a new and awesome technology, HTML5 offers some great features but also inspires programmers to create awesome libraries and frameworks for it. Today we are going to have a look at Flotr2, a HTML5 chart library that is both awesome and Open Source. In fact, Flotr2 is a fork of flotr but without the […]

OpenSource & Ruby on Rails powered project management application

Usually, when in a team, a project management application is needed. So, today we preset ChiliProject, an open source project management application to help you track aspects of a specific project. The application is build with Ruby on Rails on top of Redmine by the long-standing community members. The project management applications offers features for […]

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