Responsive design testing tool

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When you create a responsive layout you need to test it on multiple resolutions to see if everything works OK and decide or optimize the content that is displayed in each resolution. is a great tool that can help you in your journey of testing such layouts. You just need to define the URL […]

Add CSS3 specific browser prefixes automatically

Currently, not all browsers support CSS3 full and with all its properties and surely you know every browser has its own CSS prefix (-moz for Firefox, -webkit for Chrome and Safari, -o for Opera, etc). This means that whenever your write down a new CSS3 property you surely need to add browser specifics tags to […]

Create custom font with Icon support

Icon fonts are a great way to add icons in your project without using images (using only pictograms). The main advantages are smaller file sizes (compared to images) or less requests. Fontomas is a web-based project that is open source and allows you to combine items (icons) from multiple iconic fonts and create a custom […]

Online code formatter for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

When working with source codes, is cool to have it all formatted, easy to read and most of all working. The last part depends on who is written the code but with the first two, I found something interesting that can help you out with ugly code. So, without further delay I present Dirty Markup […]

Map framework for building interactive apps

Kartograph is a map framework for helping you build interactive map applications without using the Google Maps API or any other mapping service. Kartograph map framework was created mainly for designers and data journalists. The core concept of Kartograph map framework is to separate the mapping process (map generation) and the map rendering part. So, […]

Online CSS sprite generator

As a web developer you always try to make your projects perform great (regarding speed, rendering, etc). There are a lot of ways to make a website load quickly providing great performance. Using CSS sprites is one of those methods (reducing HTTP requests thus resulting in faster loading times). In short term, CSS sprites are […]

ASP .NET controls for the popular jQuery UI Widgets

With Juice UI you can control the interface of using jQuery UI in your ASP.NET projects. Basically, Juice UI is a set of ASP.NET controls and extenders for the whole widgets of jQuery UI. You can easily integrate it in projects by downloading and installing the NuGet Package. Juice UI also allows you to create […]

Grid System for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

First of all, for those who ask what is a grid system, I will try to explain in a few words before we talk about the actual resource. So, a grid system in design or development is a way of organizing the content in a specific page using a combination of margins, guides, columns and […]

Upgraded version of Twitter’s Bootstrap

I wrote some time ago a post about 2 UI Boostraps which are some great startup bootstraps. But, today I’m going to present even a greater bootstrap you can use in your future projects. Its called Kickstrap and its an upgrade to Twitter bootstrap. Lets detail Kickstrap a little bit to see what it offers […]

Set of 100 Pictograms in OpenType Font, EPS and Web Font

Every projects has its icons and sometimes is hard to find the ones that suits it. So, today we provide a set of 100+ carefully developed and designed pictograms that are available in OpenType font, vector EPS but also Web font. I hope that this set will reduce the effort and time when searching for […]

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