Data grid component for Dojo

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Dgrid, a lightweight full featured component for Dojo has become the next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores. Modular and easy extensible, the grid component system for Dojo is released under open-source license. Using the grid component you can easily resize columns, drag and drop, reorder, pagination and much […]

15+ jQuery responsive layout plugin helpers

I think the title says it all. As I blogged some time ago about a CSS framework for responsive layouts, today we present another post that targets responsive designs. Reminding all what responsive design is in a quickly manner, we can definitely say that responsive websites/layouts allows you to offer a specific and optimized screen […]

CSS framework for creating responsive websites

Responsive design is getting more and more publicity as we speak and every website out there is trying to achieve the badge of “responsive website”. Today, we present a CSS framework to help you develop responsive websites quickly. Responsive GS, a fluid grid CSS framework comes in 3 flavors: a 12, a 16 and 24 […]

20+ Mobile, Application and Web GUI Kits

GUI kits are a very good way to start implementing design on your application. If you are a designer, you know important time is when you need to re-use the same layouts or GUI elements and this web, mobile or application GUI kits that we are sharing today will definitely help you build a consistent […]

10 free font-face icon sets worth checking

Now that site speed has become important in rankings, every website owner tries to make his site load up as quickly as it can. There are several ways to improve speed and one of them using image sprites reducing requests and thus loading times. Even if sprite are a good way to go, if your […]

Awesome online code playground

Besides jsFiddle (that I personal use), there are a lot of online code playgrounds out there and one of them is Fiddle Salad. This fresh web development tool, is basically and online IDE very useful for client-side web applications. Fiddle Salad allows you to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code or use alternatives like HAML, […]

Flow traffic visualization, the cool way

Today we have Flow. A traffic visualization website like you have never seen before. It’s fast, intuitive and very beautiful. Instead of using line graphs or table, Flow creates a cool diagram of the actual paths people take when browsing your website. So, in short terms you can easily follow every step your user takes […]

HTML content filler with dummy text

When designing new themes or templates, you definitely built up the HTML first and afterwards implement it in your custom CMS. But, in this process of designing, you need some dummy content to fill up your page to see how it looks like. Fixie.js is an open source tool that can help you with this, […]

Web file manager built with jQuery

elFinder is an Open-Source file manager web application written mainly in JavaScript and jQuery UI. Inspiration was from the Finder program in Mac OS X and and supports all operation with files and folder that are on a remote server (operations like copy, move, upload, create folder or file, rename, etc). The web application also […]

5+ Fresh CSS tools for developers

Web technologies are constantly shifting up and down and upgrading to new stuff by the day. Developers (like me) usually don’t have much time to invest in new tools and thats why every list of new technologies are always a best way to go. Today, we provide one of this kind of lists, and basically […]

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