Easily create QR codes, unique and colorful

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If you have a smartphone and probably all of you have, QR codes are a best way to provide information easily and in a awesome way. There are a large number of online tools that lets you create QR codes and today we provide another one. Most of the tools out there provide some basic […]

Responsive CSS3 slider with no JavaScript

Seems that more things that would be achieved using JavaScript can now be achieved quite easily using only CSS3. Today I present such a thing, a responsive CSS3 slider built by Ian Hansson, a designer from London. The slider requires no JavaScript. The slider is similar to JavaScript ones working by floating all the content […]

Easy implement social sharing buttons

I know I had a lot of problems implementing social buttons and trying to keep HTTP request as small as possible and loading time as well. Recently I came over a cool JavaScript library that does the job good without having me to configure a lot of things. The library is called Socialite.js and was […]

Cool forum software written in PHP and MySQL

I’ve been searching for this kind of Software for a long time and finally, something has been build. I’m taking about a simple forum that you can customize for different niches. The Software is called esoTalk and its free, open-source that is written in PHP and Mysql (meaning it can run and 99% of the […]

Assembler for HTML5 applications – Brunch

If you develop HTML5 applications you need something to wrap all the files fast. This is where Brunch comes in. An lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity. Basically, a great assembler for HTML5 applications. Brunch is agnostic when it comes to frameworks, libraries, programming, stylesheets, etc. To simplify everything, […]

Password complexity jQuery plugin – Complexify

If you own a website that has user registration, you have a small responsibility to tell them how good their password is (strength). I know achieving this is quite difficult and most of the websites out there don’t have implemented this features. Today I’m going to talk about a small and cool jQuery plugin that […]

Crate animated GIFs online

You can use multiple web-based applications out there that can edit images in many ways and some of them usually become a great alternative to our desktop editing softwares. But when it comes to animated GIF support, the list becomes very small and achieving animated GIFs is quite hard without desktop support. MotherEffingAnimatedGIF is a […]

Real-time and Open Source Mobile Analytics App

Like Google Analytics, Countly, a real-time open source mobile analytics application collects data from mobile phones and visualizes this information for later analysis related to usage and end-user behaviour. The application provides a stunning dashboard where data is presented with awesome graphics in a elegant way. You don’t need to dig to find information you […]

Free database manager for MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite & More

For all web developers that work with database engines, today we have a great application that you definitely need to add to your collection. DBeaver, a free database manager works with all popular database engines like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Sybase, Firebird and much more. The database manager is built upon Java so its working […]

Responsive CSS framework with a UI Kit

Gumby is a new and great responsive CSS grid framework (similar to 960px grid system) that is great for developing new projects. Why do I say this? Well, Gumby is a very customizable grid system that without any big effort can be configured to work in any resolution satisfying every need (possibilities are endless, the […]

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