LESSCSS compiler for Windows, MAC or Linux

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If you ended up here, then you probably use or at least know about LESSCSS framework. But, what is this great CSS framework with out a compiler application that exports the regular CSS file for you? Well, I just came across SimpleLESS. What’s this? Well, to know about SimpleLESS, you need to know about LESSCSSS […]

List of free CSS3 generators

Well, if you didn’t know about CSS so far, you can find some great info here. Now, CSS3 is relatively new and has some great features to show off. Most of them were introduced to reduce the amount of time you would need to code to reach the same result (e.g. border-radius, shadows on text, […]

GitHub on your private server: GitLab

Have you ever wanted to have GitHub functionality straight on your server? Well, now you have that chance. GitLab is an open source application build upon Ruby on Rails that lets you self-host a project in a Git repository and access it via web interface. GitLab also allows you to browse the source-code, issues or […]

Create reactive documents: JavaScript

Tangle is a JavaScript library which can help you create reactive documents. Users can explore many possibilities, change or play with parameters or they can see document updates instant! This JavaScript library is simple and easy to learn. The library provides an API for tangling up the values in your document. Tangle.js works with any […]

Web symbols using custom font-face

Usually when building a website or if you work on multiple projects you are always fed up with producing the same set of web elements again and again. By web elements I’m referring to social network icons, gallery arrows or bullets or any other UI element on the page. Besides this, you always have to […]

Email Newsletter Layouts for your next campaign

We all know that email marketing is very important in maintaining a business and in some cases, email newsletter layouts may be tricky to achieve. That’s why today’s list features some great email newsletter layouts to use in your next campaign. The list contains already drawn templates in different editable formats like PNG or PSD. […]

Magazine themes : WordPress

We all know that WordPress is by far one of the most perfect CMS script out there. But what is a CMS without a great theme? Today you are lucky. I will provide you a list of free wordpress magazine themes ready for download and use. Most of them have custom theme options and work […]

Google UI set : Icons, dropdown, buttons

I recently came across some good UI sets but this is one of my favs. Bruce Galpin created a great Google UI set that includes buttons, dropdown menus and a lot of icons that work great in your next projects. The pack provides Google+ Action Buttons, Google+ Icon Buttons with Label, Dropdown Menu Buttons and […]

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