4 audio wordpress plugins for your blog

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We all know that WordPress is an extremely extensible CMS and that you can turn it into a e-commerce shop, blog, video blog, etc. But what happens if you want to add audio to your blog? Today I will show you a couple of audio WordPress plugins to get you started with audio on your […]

Identify and fix performance problems on web applications

When you develop web applications you surely have some bugs to take care of, but what about the ones you don’t know about? Well, SpeedTracer is a tool to help you identify and fix problems that might show up in your web application. SpeedTracer visualizes metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside […]

Responsive lightweight slideshow jQuery plugin

If you ever needed a jQuery plugin that can create a responsive slideshow using images that are inside a container, then ResponsiveSlides.js is the thing for you. Working with a wide range of browsers that includes IE6+ and adding support for CSS max-width for browsers that don’t natively support it, ResponsiveSlides.js only requires jQuery to […]

Tiny and simplified jQuery slider

There are a lot of jQuery slider plugins out there and every one comes with different functions and features. Yet, every one ends up using a big transfer size (kb) and this usually hurts page speed. Craftyslide is a jQuery slider that was build to help you eliminate this problem. Having only 2kb and build […]

Ajax web spreadsheet widget

Sometimes, a excel-like table is required on a webpage to provide some random information or to allow user to store some data. Using dhtmlxSpreadsheet you now can do that easily and keeping the data on your own server. dhtmlxSpreadsheet is an open source Ajax spreadsheet widget that is written in JavaScript and PHP. dhtmlxSpreadsheet allows […]

Markup validation for all your pages: W3Clove

I think that a well written HTML and CSS code can make drastic changes in search engines results and we all know that the official W3C validator is a great place to check if your website’s HTML/XHTML code is well written. The problem is that the official W3C can only validate one URL at a […]

JavaScript notification library with Humane.js

Humane.js is a new and modern tiny JavaScript library for creating and displaying custom notifications. The library comes with custom notification types like info, success or errors that are styled with some default themes but you can also create new themes easily. Humane.js is very smart and uses CSS3 transitions falling back to JavaScript only […]

HTML5 inline form validation plugin

ht5ifv is a lightweight jQuery plugin, extensible and highly configurable which allows validation of the HTML5’s forms while the user is still typing. When we say extensible, we mean that because its allowing the programmer to define new restrictions beyond those that are already defined by HTML5. This HTML5 form validation jQuery plugin not only […]

Implement social buttons easily: Socialite.js

Socialite.js is a nice and lightweight plugin that provides a very easy way to implement and activate a plethora of social buttons. You can trigger the buttons to work whenever you want (on document load, on article hover, on any event!). Using this social buttons plugin, your page won’t hand on loading, waiting for 50KB […]

HTML5 resources worth checking out

HTML5 is becoming known more and more and learning it up might be a life saver in the near futures. For those who don’t know, HTML5 is not based only on HTML, it also includes JavaScript APIs and a couple of CSS3 selectors. When you will speak about HTML5, all the geeks out there will […]

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