The Professional Data Center Virtualization Certification Exam from VMware

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The demand in the IT field for professionals who are capable of working with data center virtualization continues to increase as more and more businesses employ virtualization technologies in the services of their daily operations. By obtaining your VMware certification at the professional level in data center virtualization, version 4, you increase your competitive stance […]

Safe Online Financial Management with Norton Internet Security

Managing your finances online with the help of Norton Internet Security is one of the biggest freedoms now. There are no more stamps to buy. No more bills and checks to mail. No more forgotten payments. But this new freedom that makes your life more convenient also makes cybercrime and identity theft more convenient. Gone […]

Responsive grid layout that adapts

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t added content lately but I’m kind of working on some mobile themes and a book for faster websites and that kind of took my full free time. I will try to update the blog at least one time/week. Back to our resource, today I have for you a responsive grid […]

jQuery plugin that allows you to animate CSS based on distance

This plugin is a great way to attract your visitors to a specific point from your page. Approach, the jQuery plugin that we are talking about can easily animate CSS properties based on distance to an object. Basically, approaching a specific HTML element you can animate it however you want. The closer you get to […]

Make animations from static images with jQuery

Every wanted to make some animations using static images combined with jQuery? Probably not but if you ever want to, you can easily do it using this jQuery plugin called JZoopraxiscope. To make it work, the plugin requires jQuery but jQuery UI also and an image to represent the sequence to be animated. Demo can […]

Front-End starter kit for Ruby devs

There are a lot of front-end starter kits out there, and we talked about some of them some time ago. Today we present another starter kit, but this time will target some specific dev people, the ones who love Ruby. The kit’s name is Pondasee and was created by the developers of Tokakoo to help […]

Library for interactive HTML5 visualizations

Hey guys, sorry for not posting recently but I’ve been off. Had a small vacation. Back to today’s resource. I present a library for working with interactive HTML5 visualizations called Envision.js. It comes with 2 chart types (TimeSeries and Finance) and has a great API for developers to build custom charts if needed. The library […]

Meteor, a new way to build web applications

Introducing Meteor, a new set of technologies meant for building top-quality web application quickly whether you are an expert developer or you are just getting started. Meteor is build around Smart Packages (bundles of code than can run on a client or inside a cloud service). Using Smart Packages, Meteor addresses each of the main […]

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