jQuery-like mobile JavaScript framework

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Seems that the mobile global market is getting bigger and bigger and users seem to check their favorite sites from their smartphone. Now, most websites (build correctly) look relatively OK on mobile, but what if you could present a mobile version of your websites? jQ.Mobi is a JavaScript mobile framework to help you duplicate your […]

jQuery collapse lightweight plugin

jQuery collapse is a lightweight plugin that offers you the possibility to easily expand or collapse content. jQuery collapse was build to be the solution for a widely adopted interface pattern (also known as progressive disclosure). The jQuery collapse plugin includes a large number of features like cookie persistence, ARIA compliance and its designed to […]

Build responsive websites using JavaScript’s help

Building responsive websites can sometimes be tricky because you need to create custom CSS conditions for all “@media” queries (I personally, don’t know them all). So, searching around, we found a nice, standalone and very lightweight (under 1kb) JavaScript library for targeting web page designs depending on device or browser size thus making your website […]

JavaScript RSS parser: FeedEk

We know that there are a lot of RSS parsers out there written in different programming languages. But what if we want to do this action (parsing and display RSS and Atom feeds) using JavaScript? To help us in this manner, FeedEk was born. This RSS parser is written in jQuery and allows you to […]

Color manipulation using JavaScript

Sometimes you need to manipulate colors, meaning you need conversion from a color type to another color type or simply get the complimentary color. Well, today we talk about Colors. Colors is a standalone JavaScript library that comes with features to manipulate colors in a large multiple ways. Color can handle conversions (RGB to Hexadecimal […]

Image slider in jQuery done easily

If you do a simple Google search, you will find out that there are more than a couple of image sliders in jQuery and each of them has its own design and functionality. But sometimes there is the need to create a custom image slider in jQuery, and is preferably if you have a boilerplate […]

Scrolling with jQuery – Scrollorama

Scrolling with jQuery has never been easy! We present Scrollorama. This scrolling jQuery plugin is a great way to create eye-candy effects in parallel to the scrolling of web pages. By dividing the content into small blocks, the scrolling jQuery plugin allows you to animate elements on the page (when the specific element is reached) […]

Working with HTML5 canvas: JavaScript library

EaselJS is a JavaScript library for helping out when working with HTML5 canvas. What Easel does is to provide a retained graphics mode for HTML5 canvas including a full, hierarchical display list, a core interaction model or classes to make working with HTML5 canvas much easier (we all know that currently, canvas in HTML5 is […]

Awesome parallax scrolling with Stellar.js

Now normal scrolling is a nice way to go, but if you want to use horizontal scrolling, what you going to use? Stellar.js is a jQuery plugin that provides this functionality (parallax scrolling effect) to any scrolling element. There are a lot of options provided like speed (scrolling speed), ratio or other configurable options. There […]

Mobile JavaScript framework – Spine Mobile

Just found another great JavaScript mobile framework that is build on top of SpineJS. Using this JavaScript mobile framework you can achieve web applications that look and feel native on most smartphones. By default, Spine Mobiles comes with specialized controllers, panel layout and hardware accelerated transitions plus touch events. The JavaScript mobile framework is well […]

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