Mobile framework for MooTools – Moobile

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I’ve seen a lot of mobile frameworks out there and most of them were built upon jQuery. But, if you are a MooTools guru, then Moobile is the project you need. The mobile web application frameworks is built on MooTools and is focused on providing a iOS like experience on Webkit browsers. The mobile framework […]

List of jQuery plugins build in CoffeScript

Sorry for the not updating the blog lately guys but I’ve been off to the mountains with my bike ;). But enough about that … Today we have a list of open source and free plugins that are written in CoffeScript. The list of plugins is great for everyday-use projects and includes plugins for sliders, […]

Visualize time series easily with Cubism.js

Cubism.js, a plugin for the well known D3.js, is a JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG that enables you to easily display time series in real time. Its easy to implement and requires less data (reduces load on the server) requesting only most recent values. The charts generated by Cubism.js are rendered incrementally and […]

JavaScript pagination on client side

jPages os a jQuery pagination plugin on the that does all the work on the client side (no server side configuration). The JavaScript pagination plugin presents some cool features like keyboard and scroll navigation, auto page turn, delayed display, customizable navigation panel. The JavaScript pagination plugin detects the number of items and auto creates the […]

Simpler way of using Ajax

There are a great number of JavaScript frameworks that can simplify the way of using ajax and wrapping them into a cross-browser function and AjaxML is one of them. Its a jQuery plugin actually that can simplify Ajax requests even more and handle complex requests also. To make it work, you need to define the […]

jQuery slider with huge number of effects

I have presented a lot of jQuery slider plugins on my blog and will keep on doing it so I can make sure I cover every need. Thats why, today I present another jQuery slider plugin called Rhinoslider which is highly flexible and can present any HTML element (text, images, videos, and everything that comes […]

jQuery thumbnail creation with jQuery NailThumb plugin

NailThumb is a jQuery thumbnail plugin that can easily allow you to create thumbnails from high resolution images without any distortion using just a line of code. The thumbnail dimensions can be directly chosen from CSS, integrating perfectly with any media gallery. The jQuery thumbnail plugin is useful even in dynamic web application where cropping […]

Standalone library for JavaScript notifications

There are a lot of ways to do browser notifications. You can use the default browser notification popup, and you can also use the jQuery UI way. But if you don’t have any JavaScript frameworks included in your projects than Smoke.JS is the thing you need. This tiny JavaScript library works great as a replacement […]

Device detection for Media Queries helper

CSS media queries are a cool way to customize your website’s look depending on the device for which is serving. If you need inspiration, you can always have a look at Unfortunately, in many cases the ability to customize the CSS depending on the screen is not sufficient and you might want to thing […]

jQuery file upload with progress bar and preview

jQuery file upload is a ready to use file uploading widget that works with any server-side platform including PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Go, Node.js, Java, and anything else that supports the standard HTML form for uploading files. The jQuery file upload plugin comes with support for multiple file selection, drag&drop and offers progress bars […]

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