Create dynamic grid layouts like Pinterest

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Pinterest has become very popular over the past year and if you like to design a website layout based on a grid system like Pinterest has then Wookmark jQuery plugin is what you need. Similar to jQuery Masonry, the plugin was design to create a dynamic grid system automatically detecting window size and organizing boxes […]

Render vector maps with jQuery

Today we present JQVMap, a jQuery plugin that renders vector maps using SVG for modern browsers and VML for all old browsers. The rendering vector map plugin is in fact a modified version of another plugin called jVectorMap and comes with ready-to-use maps of popular continents like USA, Europe, the world itself or Germany. The […]

JavaScript MVC framework from Google – AngularJS

HTML is used mainly for static documents, but what happens if you try to declare dynamic views in your web application. Well, you need a sort of model/view/controller JavaScript framework and Google has provided a great one. AngularJS is the name and lets you easily extend HTML vocabulary for your applications. The result is extraordinarily […]

Collection of JavaScript libraries for HTML5

Today we have a collection of JavaScript libraries for creating awesome HTML5 powered applications. The collection is called CreateJS and provides libraries what can work either independently of together. For the moment, the pack contains only 4 libraries and those are: EaselJS, awesome for working with canvas – TweenJS for animating things – AudioJS for […]

Create desktop applications with AppJS

Desktop applications usually have more advantages over web applications. The big differences are mainly speed, they can reach file systems, they can work in the background as a process or show notifications and many more. The big problem is that is quite hard to code a desktop application because it requires non-web programming languages (C, […]

Circular jQuery plugin for creating switches

Using this circular jQuery plugin you can easily create beautiful circular switches similar to volume controls. The plugin’s called jQuery Knob and works by transforming any given input field according to the values defined. You can easily drag and drop to change values. You can also use it to define mix or max values, select […]

Set of lightweight components called minjs

Today’s list features a collection of independent components that are built upon jQuery aiming to accomplish a specific job using just a few lines of code (lightweight). Currently, the list only provides 3 components and that are miniform, longtable and drcal (we will detail them a bit below). Miniform provides great cross-browser compatibility for HTML5 […]

Custom jQuery scroll plugin

Today we present a custom jQuery scrolling plugin that uses canvas flavored syntax for drawing paths. The jQuery plugin uses the methods moveTo, lineTo and arc and to kickstart you with the plugin and getting the right path, a canvas overlay with the path can be enabled. Scrolling can be done using the mousewheel, using […]

HTML text effects done easily

The web is full of effect related jQuery plugins and today we are going to present one as well. This is a HTML text effects JavaScript library that works great alongside jQuery (you can make it work without jQuery but is easier with it). The JavaScript is called Dynamo and provides a dead-simple way to […]

Social jQuery plugin

There are a lot of social jQuery plugins out there that can provide the number of followers and Koottam is one of them. The social jQuery plugin is simple, powerful and elegant and provides various cool ways to display your social link (almost any social service is supported). Koottam is highly customizable providing 10+ options […]

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