Let users find links on your page by typing

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When ending up on a webpage, you don’t usually find the link for going on every time (at least I don’t) and you keep pressing up the ctrl+f combination to find it. TypeLink, a mini pure JavaScript library can help your users find links on your webpage easier with a nice effect without using the […]

Loading favicon piecharts using JavaScript

Have you ever wanted to attract your users attention while loading/uploading something using a thing in the title bar? With this lightweight new library you can easily generate pie charts in your favicon’s place than can dynamically change depending on the parameters you give it. The library is called Piecon and has been tested to […]

Web-scraping framework written in Javascript

At some point you would probably want to scrap out some information from a webpage. This is quite easy to do using dynamic programming languages (PHP, Java) but not so easy achieving it in JavaScript. Thats why, I think that sharing this JavaScript library is a great idea. Basically, pjscrape (the name of the framework) […]

Make any webpage zoom with Zoomooz

Zoomooz is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to make any element from any webpage zoom-able. You can zoom on image or any other element to show user information in a simple and cool way. You can even zoom to elements that have been translated, scaled and skewed and when zooming they will morph […]

Create dynamic character and background animations

There are a couple of ways to create background animations or character animations and most of them are tricky to do. But, today I present you guys a simpler way to do it using jQuery.spritely, a plugin that allows you to easily create background or character animations in pure HTML and JavaScript. Lightweight and simple, […]

Easy handle keyboard shortcuts with JavaScript

If you are using key combinations on your website that triggers custom AJAX requests, effects or any other things, than you surely need to manipulate the keyboard. To help you with this, today we present Mousetrap, a standalone library that has no dependencies and is quite lightweight (only 1.4kb minified and gzipped). Current browser support […]

JavaScript UI framework for HTML5 mobile apps

Like other JavaScript UI frameworks, Mobello (the framework we have today) in an open source framework that tries to simplify the development process of creating HTML5 mobile applications. The application aims to provide a native experience being optimized for mobile and providing over 20+ UI components widely used. There is also a IDE (Mobello Studio) […]

Extra useful pack of features for jQuery

We can all agree that jQuery is by far the most popular JavaScript library out there and it already helps us a lot on minifying and simplifying JavaScript related tasks. But sometimes there are specific actions that jQuery can’t handle and we miss these pieces when developing applications. Thats why, today I’m going to present […]

JavaScript Notifications For Bootstrap Or jQuery UI

Every website needs notifications at some point. Even if you don’t have an user based system you surely wanted to make notifications to capture your users/visitors attention. Today, I present you guys a JavaScript notification plugin that works great with Twitter’s Bootstrap or jQuery UI. The notification plugin was designed mainly to provide an unparalleled […]

Interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

Today I present to you guys an jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 to create interactive visual guides to elements from your website pages. So, instead of cluttering your interface with static help messages, you can easily use pageguide and let users learn about new features and functions the cool way. Pageguide is quite easy to […]

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