Make HTML lists flexible, searchable, sortable

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Have you ever wanted to make your HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable or filterable? You now have great way to achieve it. List.js is a small 7 KB JavaScript that can do this job for you. The JavaScript plugin is cross-browser and supports stuff like: adding, editing or removing items. You can also write […]

Create reactive documents: JavaScript

Tangle is a JavaScript library which can help you create reactive documents. Users can explore many possibilities, change or play with parameters or they can see document updates instant! This JavaScript library is simple and easy to learn. The library provides an API for tangling up the values in your document. Tangle.js works with any […]

Create a timelinr using the power of jQuery

Ok, so every site now and then needs a timeline. But why should you keep it boring and web -1.0? Well, what I can say is that we are in luck, why? Because has provided us with a great jQuery plugin for creating web2.0 timeliness. The plugin supports horizontal and vertical layouts and you […]

How to create feature tours using jQuery

Hello again guys. Today I came across a great tutorial and plugin on how to create feature tours. All this has can be accomplished using the jQuery plugin from Keep in mind that this plugin is extremely flexible and lets you take control of how people interact with your feature tour. The plugin is […]

Flexible navigation jQuery plugin

If you ever wanted to add a smart navigation panel on the right of your page, this jQuery plugin is just what you need! Flexible navigation is used to improve a web page navigation helping to visualize different sections of a document, article of any other element on your page. The usage of this flexible […]

P2P communications using JavaScript

When you own a big multiplayer site or just a simple site with connexions trough users, implementing a structure to let them chat between, play games or share documents can be quite tricky to do. Peerbind offers a simple solution for this. How? Great question. Peerbind is a new method of event binding that can […]

Fluid width video embeds : jQuery

Hey guys. I came across a great jQuery plugin that might help you when using video embeds. This jQuery plugin will help you make your embeded videos width automatically change width depending on the container they are in. This fluid width video plugin is very easy to use and for making it work you just […]

Image caption to bottom of the specific images

First of all I want to thanks tutorialpot for this wonderful tutorial (how to add caption to bottom of the image). I will try to explain it in a more detailed version and hopefully you will understand better this great jQuery image caption plugin. Starting, using the power of jQuery you can accomplish image caption […]

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