JavaScript URL manipulation library

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URL.js is a small but awesome JavaScript URL library for working with URLs. It provides a jQuery style API (meaning that it has a fluent interface, method chaining) to read and write all regular components and number of convenience methods including .directory() or .authority(). This JavaScript URL library offers a simple but yet powerful way […]

JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

Ember.js is an awesome JavaScript framework to help you create ambitious web applications by eliminating boilerplate and providing standard application architecture. Like other modern JavaScript frameworks out there, Ember.js works a little bit differently and instead of the majority of your application’s logic that is living on the server, this ambitious web application framework downloads […]

Tiny and simplified jQuery slider

There are a lot of jQuery slider plugins out there and every one comes with different functions and features. Yet, every one ends up using a big transfer size (kb) and this usually hurts page speed. Craftyslide is a jQuery slider that was build to help you eliminate this problem. Having only 2kb and build […]

Simple inline autosuggest jQuery plugin

jQuery.suggest is a simple and lightweight inline autosuggest jQuery plugin. To make it work you need to make an array of terms as haystack and the plugin will then suggest the user the first item that matches what they have been typed to that point. The suggestion is always updated with every keystroke. Hitting TAB […]

jQuery contextMenu plugin

This jQuery contextMenu plugin was build for web applications that require menus with a large number of objects. Unlike other implementations, this contextMenu plugin treats the menu as the primary objects, meaning that a single menu defined can be used by multiple objects. Also, this plugin doesn’t need to bind itself to trigger objects allow […]

Bootbox.js – alert, confirm and flexible dialogs

Bootbox.js is a nice lets call it JavaScript library for creating alert, confirm and flexible dialogs. Bootbox is Twitter Bootstrap powered and has been build to replace the crude behavior and wildly varying appearance between browsers. The result is this library that combines the basic functionality with bootstrap’s slick looking dialog boxes. Bootbox.js is very […]

JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs

Ricksaw is a simple but powerful JavaScript framework for drawing charts of time series data on a web page. The framework is build upon Mike Bostock’s D3 library and resulting charts can be powered by static historical data sets and data that can be updated in real time, anytime. This interactive time graphs builder makes […]

JavaScript UI Gesture recognizer for Mobile Safari

JsGestureRecognizer allows you to add gesture recognizers to the DOM objects for Mobile Safari like UIGestureRecognizer in iOS. Just like UIGestureRecognizer, two steps are required to enable gestures on a DOM element. First thing is to create an instance of a gesture recognizer, set its properties and initialize with a callback function and then attach […]

jQuery plugin for creating nice hovercards

This is a neat jQuery plugin! Hovercard is free, light weight, runs on jQuery and enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link or any other HTML element that you want. Why is this plugin so cool? Well, it smoothly fades the name into a hovered card (in place), uses minimum CSS […]

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