Automaticaly add browser prefix to any CSS code

We all know how important is to use good CSS selectors and how to keep the file as minimized as possible. This is when prefix free comes to save us. -prefix-free lets you use ONLY unprefixed CSS properties. After you write your normal CSS code, -prefix-css automatically adds browser prefix to any CSS code (only […]

CSS3 border animantions done easilly

Hey guys. Hope your doing well. So today we are going to do some small examples and how to add some CSS3 effects on mouseover on different elements. The effects will be done under the border and it’s using only CSS3 and HTML. The full source code of this CSS3 border animation can be found […]

CSS3 animation framework : Animate.css

So guys, what is CSS3 animation framework? Well, this CSS3 animation framework includes a bunch of cool, fun and crowse-browser (Opera and IE currently not supported) animations that you can use in your feature projects. This animation framework is great for home pages, sliders, button effects and any other UI element that comes in your […]

WordPress debug bar plugin

If you are a WordPress developer, you really need this debug bar plugin. I just found it after searching and seeing that there was just only one (strange!). Why do I think this WordPress debug plugin is good? Well, you can instantly inspect global variables (GET, POST, COOKIE, SERVER, etc). You can debug both front-end […]

MooTools modal Window

Hey guys! I came across a great MooTools plugin that you might need when bulding your next project. Plugin’s name is SIMPLEMODAL and it is used to create modal windows (popup, boxes, etc). Besides creating MooTools modal windows, this plugin can also generate alert or confirmation messages using just a few lines on code. As […]

Access WordPress variables in JavaScript

Hey guys. Today I will teach you how to access any WordPress variable in JavaScript with some custom PHP snippet code. If you recently started to develop WordPress plugins surely you came across problems. To be more specific, maybe you wanted to access WordPress variables in JavaScript. Well, good news! I’m here to help. Bellow […]

Custom excerpt in WordPress

Excerpt in WordPress has always been a problem. Well, to me at least. In this tutorial I will show you how to build you custom excerpt function in WordPress. To use this you need to have minimal PHP skills and 5 minutes. Ok! Let’s begin. First of all the files you need to edit are […]

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