Free WordPress theme – Kimtea

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Day 39, and we have Kimtea. This free WordPress theme is a high quality magazine theme suitable best for magazine/blogging/personal blog websites. Kimtea is working with the latest version of WordPress. Kimtea also provides sidebar management but also ad management so you can easily gain some income from your website. The full list of features […]

Free WordPress theme – SuperHost

Day 38 has come and we present SuperHost! This free WordPress theme is suitable best for hosting websites (as the theme name already says that). SuperHost comes with detailed design elements and extensive documentation and support. The full list of features can be checked bellow. Free WordPress theme – SuperHost – features & screenshot Easy […]

Free WordPress theme – Vivo

Day 37 – Vivo free WordPress theme. Vivo is a clean and modern theme suitable best for General/Blog websites. The theme comes with powerful features using the latest WordPress version. You can change your logo, favicon or featured images easily from the admin panel. There are also a lot of custom widgets included in the […]

CSS buttons powered with font-face icons

Zocial is a nice set of CSS buttons (no images were used) that are build up with custom @font-face icons. Zocial provides buttons for 40+ services including the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, but also not so popular ones like Skype, Stumbleupon, etc. Every button in the set can be displayed with […]

Cross-browser HTML skeleton for faster coding

To kickstart your development process, you definitely need a template to get get you started. We already talked about some bootstraps already which might come handy. Today, we’ll take a look at an alternative named HTML KickStart, that contains a HTML skeleton, CSS and jQuery powered toolkit to help you create any type of layout […]

Free PHP hit stat counter script

Every website has its own tracker for statistics and most of them use Google Analytics which by the way is very powerful and great! Now it provides live stats also showing up the instant activity. To use another hit stat counter you must have some reasons right? (usually, with the power of GA, there are […]

Simultaneous, stable and resumable HTML5 uploads

Resumable.js is a great JavaScript library when working with HTML5 uploads. It provides multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 file API. The HTML5 upload library was design to introduce fault-tolerance when uploading large files through HTTP. Basically, the HTML5 upload library is splitting each file into small chunks and whenever the upload […]

JavaScript audio codecs for your website

Web browsers are becoming more powerful by the day and new APIs are constantly making everything more interesting and dynamically. Today well speak about one of this kind of APIs, and to be more specific, the Web Audio API . The guys at ofmlabs invested in the past much time in proving and improving the […]

Lightweight framework for creating mobile applications

Usually, there a several awesome frameworks out there for building mobile web applications like that one that I’ve blogged a couple of days ago and usually they can handle almost any scenario. But, usually this kind of applications handle complicated and nasty apps and building a simple one (removing unwanted code, files, etc) can be […]

Build a mobile application: How-To

I recently came across a awesome blog post on how to build a mobile application using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. The application is written by Christophe Coenraets and even though the application is quite simple, it covers some common requirements of mobile applications (database access through JSON services, multi-level master-detail views, parameter passing between views, […]

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