WordPress duplicate content issues

Well, as if you didn’t know, everybody is talking about WordPress CMS and how very well SEO optimized it is. All I can say it’s that is true, but not 100% percent. There are still more things you need to do before you start to use WordPress at full capacity.

What is duplicate content you ask?

Well, this question is somehow easy. Duplicate content is found when you can access the same content from different URLs on your website. Check the example bellow.

  • http://yousite.com/javascript
  • http://www.yousite.com/javascript
  • http://www.yoursite.com/tag/javascript
  • http://youriste.com/javascript-1-post

As you can see, there are multiple URLs on your site that provide the same content to search engines. This will confuse then on which link they will show up on search results. In the usual cases, search engines just pick up one of the link and hide the rest from search results. In the same time, they will penalize your blog slowly for having lots on duplicate content pages. Reading this, the one and only question that comes in your mind should be: “How can I fix the WordPress duplicate content issues?”. Well, no worries because I’m here to help.

How to detect duplicate content on your website

Let’s talk a bit about the problems on your blog. This should be the first thing you should do. To find out all your links that are index in search engine, go to your favorite one (Google) use the fallowing search command.

site:www.yoursite.com (as a small note, to find out some of your backlinks, use “link:www.yoursite.com”).

As you can see, it will show up all the results that are indexed. If you browse till the last page you should see the “results with omitted results”. You should be able to see all the pages that were indexed and links that Google should not index. Most common parts which search engines should not index are: tags, categories, author, archive, search, etc. If you see any of this results then you need to tune up your blog a little bit.

How to fix WordPress duplicate content issues

Well, there are a lot of plugins out there that do this job for you. I’ve posted a while ago some wordpress seo plugins that can do this job great. The plugin is called “all in one seo wordpress plugin” and can automatically add “noindex” tags for tags, archive, etc. It can also help you add custom meta-tags to your post and has many great optimizing options that will help you get rid of duplicate problems.

As you can see we covered up about everything about WordPress duplicate content issues, but what happens when someone steals your content? In that case, your post will be downgraded and traffic to it will be minified. In this case you should go and get help from Google DMCA. Google DMCA is very useful for for Bloggers and webmasters to file a complaint regarding duplicate content on net which is copied from your blog. If the copied post is on BlogSpot, Google will automatically delete the post immediately.

Well guys, this is it. Hope it helps, and please leave comments for any questions or suggestions.

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