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E-readers market has grown lately and we all know that its easier and probably less tiring to read from e-readers compared to devices that don’t have e-ink screens. So, today we will talk about dotEPUB, a free-to-use web application that converts web pages into e-books with just one click so you can read them offline.

The application converts web pages into EPUB format (supported in all major devices and e-readers) but also in MOBI format for Kindle. Being also Open Source, dotEPUB comes in many ways like:

  • Bookmarklet that can be installed on browsers
  • A Google Chrome plugin
  • Widget for integrating into websites easily

If none of above suit you, you can always create your custom implementation, dotEPUB providing a nice API as well.

free webpage to e-book convertor

Web page to e-books free web application

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