Upgraded version of Twitter’s Bootstrap

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I wrote some time ago a post about 2 UI Boostraps which are some great startup bootstraps. But, today I’m going to present even a greater bootstrap you can use in your future projects. Its called Kickstrap and its an upgrade to Twitter bootstrap.

Lets detail Kickstrap a little bit to see what it offers besides other bootstraps. Kickstrap comes ready to go, meaning its both good for developers who know their way, but also for newbies (provides 2 HTML samples). Kickstrap also comes with a couple of small but useful JavaScript plugins and using the power of HTML5 Boilertemplate you can optimize and minify everything rapidly (this is optional).

There is also a starter HTML file that comes with Google Analytics, CDN-hosted jQuery having local fallback, IE version detection, responsive screen detection, HTML5 Polyfilling and other cool stuff. Kickstrap also provides theming, and using a LESS compiler you can easily activate and install themes (override Bootstrap’s default style where needed).

There are also a set of icons using @font-face so no extra image files are needed (identical is the font-face used). Also, Kickstraps comes with @media support on by default and being build on top of Bootstrap, great documentation is provided.

Upgraded version of Twitter’s Bootstrap – Kickstrap

Kickstrap - upgraded version of Twitter's bootstrap

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