Password complexity jQuery plugin – Complexify

If you own a website that has user registration, you have a small responsibility to tell them how good their password is (strength). I know achieving this is quite difficult and most of the websites out there don’t have implemented this features. Today I’m going to talk about a small and cool jQuery plugin that provides a good measure of password complexity.

The plugin provides this to users in the form of a strength bar and enforces the user to enter a minimum complexity password for security reasons. The default complexity settings of the plugin are quite strong (~600 years of brute-forcing would require to break it). The perfect password that the plugin thinks is OK would take up to 3×10^33 years to break up. These are equivalent to a 12 character password with uppercase, lowercase and numbers included, and a 25 character password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and a wide range of punctuation.

Password complexity jQuery plugin – Complexify

jQuery password complexity plugin

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