ownCloud – Free web open source file app manager

Due to bad privacy that kind of changes very often on major sites like Google or Facebook, users want more and more to self-host their files, contacts or information and don’t worry about privacy anymore.

Well, ownCloud has thought of this and build up a cool applications to support this movement. The application has a cool list of features like: file manager/explorer with share option, webDAV support and ability to play music files // a calendar // a contacts manager, but also has a lot of planed features like image gallery, online text editor, online task manager, encryption, bookmarks, desktop sync client, Android and webOS applications or server-server sync.

But the main thing about this application is that it requires only PHP and MySQL (or SQLite) to run.

ownCloud – Open Source web application for file manager, calendar..more

ownCloud - Open Source Web File manager Application

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