Online CSS sprite generator

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As a web developer you always try to make your projects perform great (regarding speed, rendering, etc). There are a lot of ways to make a website load quickly providing great performance. Using CSS sprites is one of those methods (reducing HTTP requests thus resulting in faster loading times). In short term, CSS sprites are a combination of images packed in a single image file. The images then appended using background position CSS property.

Keep in mind that before combining images into sprites, is best to optimize them as well as possible. I blogged some time ago about a Windows image optimizer software that does this job great! If you don’t want to install anything, you can try an online image optimizer that does the job as good as the Windows version.

Getting back to our online CSS sprite generator now. Its called SpritePad and is the perfect solution for every web developer out there. Using this online CSS sprite generator you can easily create sprites withing seconds by simply dragging and dropping images onto the canvas. SpritePad immediately generates the PNG sprite alongside the CSS code.

The best part is that this online CSS sprite generator is optimized for speed. No need to download or setup anything working directly from your browser. You can move the images around, change options, the resulting CSS styles updating automatically. No need to work twice using this online CSS sprite generator. SpritePad also supports team collaboration by storing your CSS sprites as editable versions online.

Online CSS sprite generator

Online CSS sprite generator

View SpritePad

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