News ticker using jQuery: The Plugin

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I think every sites needs a good space to show off the latest news. But, doing this is a professional way is even better. Today will discus about jQuery News Ticker (the plugin).

Main features about this plugin include buttons (can be customized) for prev-forward intro news, play or pause controls and a couple of settings for the animation of the news (speed of the effects, effect type, direction, display direction of each item and a couple of other great settings).

To include this jQuery news ticker on your website you simply need to add the path to the plugin (keep in mind that you need to have jQuery also), and write up some basic HTML code (the plugin can get the content from an unordered list, RSS feed or an HTML file – the interface can be customized also). You also need to include the small bit of “magic” that will make the plugin work (you will see in the tutorial on the plugin’s page).


jQuery news ticker

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