Make animations from static images with jQuery

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Every wanted to make some animations using static images combined with jQuery? Probably not but if you ever want to, you can easily do it using this jQuery plugin called JZoopraxiscope. To make it work, the plugin requires jQuery but jQuery UI also and an image to represent the sequence to be animated. Demo can be found here.

Configuring the plugin is quite easy, changing just a few options like width of every frame, width of the entire image, height of the image of the location of the image (relative or absolute path). Browser compatibility is also great, the plugin working in Chrome 18+, FF 11+, IE8+, Safari 5+ or Opera 11.62+. JZoopraxiscope is licenced under the terms of the GPLv3 and the MIT License so you can change it the way you want.

Make animations from static images with jQuery

Create animations from static images with jQuery

View JZoopraxiscope

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