LESSCSS compiler for Windows, MAC or Linux

If you ended up here, then you probably use or at least know about LESSCSS framework. But, what is this great CSS framework with out a compiler application that exports the regular CSS file for you? Well, I just came across SimpleLESS. What’s this? Well, to know about SimpleLESS, you need to know about LESSCSSS first (at least you guys that don’t know what this framework does). So, you clear with LESSCSS? Good. SimpleLESS compiles your .less file into beautiful .css files :)

SimpleLESS works on Windows, Mac and Linux and has some neat features like drag&drop or auto-compile. Also, SimpleLESS generates 100% valid CSS code :)

LESSCSS compiler for Windows, Mac and Linux preview

LESSCSS compiler for Windows, Mac or Linux

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    thanks, but where is the linux’s link ??

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