jQuery-like mobile JavaScript framework

Seems that the mobile global market is getting bigger and bigger and users seem to check their favorite sites from their smartphone. Now, most websites (build correctly) look relatively OK on mobile, but what if you could present a mobile version of your websites?

jQ.Mobi is a JavaScript mobile framework to help you duplicate your regular website with a mobile version using the power of HTML5 and jQuery. Developed by appMobi, this JavaScript mobile framework focuses on providing a great experience on both of the dominant mobile operating systems (iOS, Android) using a tiny footprint and code efficiency.

Being based on jQuery (its jQuery rewritten), a comparison between jQ.Mobi and jQuery Mobile is a must. On a first basis, jQ.Mobi is much smaller than jQuery Mobile, having only 3.5KB minified and gzipped. It also covers most features having the same syntax. Regarding speed, this JavaScript mobile framework is very impressive, being 3x faster on Android and 2.2x faster on iOS. To see the awesomeness of this JavaScript mobile framework also provides a UI library (smaller in size) and includes also plugins for mobile interactions and interfaces.

jQuery-like mobile JavaScript framework

JavaScript mobile framework based on jQuery

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