jQuery HTML5 mobile framework

Seems that mobile market is getting larger and larger everyday and mobile optimized websites has become a need. To accomplish this kind of website that is optimized for major mobile OS’s you definitely need a nice framework to do all the major things for you. jQuery mobile framework has just announced their first stable release (Version 1.0).

jQuery mobile is a touch-optimized web framework for smart-phones and tablets. This mobile framework is build upon jQuery with HTML5 and provides a unified user interface that will perform the same in all mobile browsers. Besides this, jQuery mobile provides a lot of components like pages-dialogs, toolbars, buttons, content formatting, form elements or list views but also comes with a powerful theming structure.

jQuery mobiles also is app-cabaple meaning that it will work also with real-applications besides mobile-web-applications.

jQuery HTML5 mobile framework Preview

jQuery HTML5 mobile framework

jQuery mobile framework website

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