Image slider in jQuery done easily

If you do a simple Google search, you will find out that there are more than a couple of image sliders in jQuery and each of them has its own design and functionality. But sometimes there is the need to create a custom image slider in jQuery, and is preferably if you have a boilerplate for this. Well, Revolver.js is a jQuery (but MooTools also) plugin for creating a custom image slider in jQuery (or MooTools).

Revolver.js comes with a great API that covers most of sliders functionality, and provides support for HTML element (any markup can be used for sliders). The image slider design is full under control with CSS and the API is quite flexible and can manage it in any desired way.

The image slider in jQuery comes with various transition types that you can chose from having functions for browsing items (next, last, back, etc) and there are also callbacks offered for each event. Revolver.js is quite easy to use and also well documented. Last but not least, the plugin is lightweight having only 4.5Kb minified.

Image slider in jQuery done easily

Image slider in jQuery - Revolver

Visit Revolver.js

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