HTML5 resources worth checking out

HTML5 is becoming known more and more and learning it up might be a life saver in the near futures. For those who don’t know, HTML5 is not based only on HTML, it also includes JavaScript APIs and a couple of CSS3 selectors. When you will speak about HTML5, all the geeks out there will understand HTML5 + JavaScript APIs + CSS3.

So, todays list features a couple of HTML5 resources that might be worth checking out and could help you learn a couple of things about this new technology.

The Latest in HTML5

A couple of months ago, Eric Bidelman has created a nice presentation about HTML5 technology. The presentation covers a lot of APIs for building more powerful web applications but also the Audio Web API.

The Latest in HTML5

Latest in HTML5

The Web platform: Browser technologies

This site maintained by Michael Smith offers links to the official documentation for a number of HTML5 technologies.

The web platform HTML5

Visit The Web Platform

Polyfilling the HTML5 Gaps

This is another awesome presentation regarding HTML5 technologies. The presentations was build by Addy Osmani and it was part of the FITC Toronto Spotlight HTML5.

Polyfilling the html5 gaps

Visit Presentation

Mobile HTML5 Compatibility

MobileHTML5 offers a nice chart on what mobile browser support from HTML5. Includes all modern mobile browsers and provides a nice perspective on what HTML5 attributes are supported.

Mobile HTML5 browser support

Visit MobileHTML5

HTML5/CSS3 UI Framework

A couple of months ago I blogged about a nice HTML5/CSS3 UI framework that could help you in your project. It combines the best of emerging HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies and provides a robust and cross-browser framework that is both powerfully rich and broadly compatible with older browsers also!

HTML5, CSS3 UI framework

Visit HTML5/CSS3 Framework

HTML5 Demos

A cracking HTML5 demos site built by Remy Sharp, really useful for finding out more about the different features of the specification and how they can be implemented.

HTML5 Demos

Visit HTML5 Demos

Can I use?

This website shows compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other new technologies in both desktop or mobile browsers.

What Can I Use HTML5/CSS3

Visit What Can I Use

Roots WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress starting theme that uses the HTML5 Boiler Template, Blueprint CSS (or and Starkers for creating brochure sites and blogs quickly and easy.

Roots WordPress HTML5 starting theme

Visit Roots WordPress Theme

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