HTML5 reset template version 2.0

Most of us developers start projects over and over again using the same HTML5 template including the same HTML and CSS files and forget about best practices. Now, that modern browsers are starting to support new features from HTML5 and CSS3 technology, its time to change our default template also.

For those who don’t know, HTML5 reset just got updated to version 2 and as they say, the biggest change was to the stylesheet. To re-cover a bit what HTML5 reset includes, we must say that it provides a clean and useful startup pack of: a stylesheet to strip initial files for browsers, Analytics and jQuery snippets in place, Meta tags ready, empty mobile and print style sheets, IE specific classes and iPhone/iPad/iTouch icon snippets + other cool stuff.

HTML5 reset template version 2.0

HTML5 reset updated to version 2.0

View HTML5 Reset

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