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Being a new and awesome technology, HTML5 offers some great features but also inspires programmers to create awesome libraries and frameworks for it. Today we are going to have a look at Flotr2, a HTML5 chart library that is both awesome and Open Source. In fact, Flotr2 is a fork of flotr but without the dependency of Prototype JS and also has many improvements.

Being framework independent, the HTML5 chart library has support for line, candle, pie, bubble and line charts. The HTML5 chart & graph creator provides a lot of customization options (ability to define titles, subtitles, colors, labels on/off) providing custom options for each variable.

The HTML5 chart outputs are interactive (you can set them up to respond to user actions) and they can also be extended with plugins (a couple of them are already provided that can add new interactions, decorations, etc).

The HTML5 charts work in all major browser including IE6 and is also mobile compatible.

HTML5 Charts & Graphs OpenSource creator

HTML5 Chart library

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