Grid System for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

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First of all, for those who ask what is a grid system, I will try to explain in a few words before we talk about the actual resource. So, a grid system in design or development is a way of organizing the content in a specific page using a combination of margins, guides, columns and rows. One grid or a collection of grids may be use across a project to achieve a consistent look and feel. The finished grid is invisible, you won’t see it, but its there to assure a consistent layout.

Getting back to our resource, today we present another grid system (there are a lot out there) to help you create any type of layout quickly. The grid system name is called and was build mainly for rapid development offering more room than the popular grid system.

In fact, the grid system is not limited to 978px and it comes with different stylesheets for 300px, 748px, 1218px, 1378px. grid system also comes with more resources for you to work with your favorite editing software (.PSD, .PNG, .SVG, an OmniGraffle template and Photoshop actions).

Grid System for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

978 grid system


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