Framework for web forms: Formee

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Nowadays, to build applications faster and smarter requires good frameworks to start with. But, as I see it, almost every developers has problems coding a good looking/cross browser form or any other element that requires input types. Under this problem, Formee was build.

Formee is a framework for creating web forms. Using the technique provided by Fluid 960 Grid System, the frameworks offers total flexibility. Besides this, having a structure build around percentage widths and a structural code independent of the style codes, Formee offers great customization too. Other features include web standards and their semantic values and uses the smallest amount of tags according to the W3C rules.

Formee also provides message boxes that can indicate errors, warning or success alerts. The web form framework also uses the fieldset element to cluster form fields that have the same context through the legend tag.

Framework for web forms: Example

Framework for creating web forms: Formee

Demo Download Framework

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