Easily create QR codes, unique and colorful

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If you have a smartphone and probably all of you have, QR codes are a best way to provide information easily and in a awesome way. There are a large number of online tools that lets you create QR codes and today we provide another one. Most of the tools out there provide some basic configuration and format when creating QR codes but, the tool we provide today lets you create colorful and more unique looking codes. The tool is called QR Hacker and its free!

Being a web service, QR Hacker lets you create QR codes that could contain text, URLs, phone numbers, Vcards and you can chose your color, you can select how round the code’s pixels appear, you can even select colors and images for the background and foreground. After you select all your configuration options, add the text or URLs, you can download the QR code in a PNG or PDF format.

Easily create QR codes, unique and colorful

Generate QR codes online

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