Dashboard for analyzing website data: Cyfe

If you have a website, you probably analyze every part of it (traffic, sales, social profiles, etc) and pay a high attention to metrics to see if things are performing as expected. All these data are usually found on different applications or interfaces for example Google Analytics for traffic, WordPress Admin panel for comments, leads are usually viewed from SalesForce, and many more.

Check everything up usually takes time and this Cyfe (the resource we present today) is all about. Being a hosted dashboard that is good-looking also, Cyfe allows you to easily view any data from a single place. The Online application provides a serious number of ready for use widgets that can pull data from popular websites like Google (Analytics, Adsense, FeedBurner or Gmail), MailChimp, Facebook or Twitter, SeoMoz, Alexa, Zendesk and many more.

Cyfo ready-to-use widgets

You can also show up custom data extracted from CSV, HTML, Image or RSS data that can be hosted or uploaded directly. You can visualize data in many chart forms (line, bar, pie or area) so you can customize your dashboard as lovely as you want.

Besides this, Cyfe provides more than one dashboard for website or data grouping and widgets can be simply positioned by drag’n’drop functionality like iGoogle uses for ordering purposes. You can also upload your own logo for custom look.

Cyfe can be reached from any device (desktop, table or mobile) and comes with a free plan that includes 5 widgets that is more than enough for simple websites.

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