Custom HTML5 video player based on jQuery

Acorn Media Player is a small jQuery plugin for implementing a custom HTML5 video player that focuses specially on accessibility and customization. Therefor, being build with accessibility in mind, this HTML5 video player provides full keyboard control using standard tab-based navigation but also screen-reader support, accessible themes and other nice accessibility tweaks.

Acorn HTML5 video player also provides support for closed captioning, and to detail a bit… you can add external SRT files just like a “real” media player. Keep in mind that native support for HTML5 video captions is not yet implemented. Also, alongside with closed captions, this HTML5 video player provides a dynamic transcript generated from the selected captions.

But wait, there’s more! Acorn HTML5 video player provides a lot of other features like:

  • Easy customization and themeing
  • Fullscreen support
  • Buffering indicator
  • “audio” support
  • Loading indicator
  • Remembers volume level using HTML5 localStorage
  • Easy to use, understand and adapt
  • Free and Open Source

Custom HTML5 video player based on jQuery

Acorn HTML5 video player

Visit/Download Acorn HTML5 video player

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  1. genefer



    Glad to see that my favorite streaming video site supports HTML5! But what about Firefox? can’t see the link on my computer (Firefox). html5 player works really well. Super fast loading.
    Changing from page to page seems to flash a bit though….
    Interesting stuff

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