ASP .NET controls for the popular jQuery UI Widgets

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With Juice UI you can control the interface of using jQuery UI in your ASP.NET projects. Basically, Juice UI is a set of ASP.NET controls and extenders for the whole widgets of jQuery UI. You can easily integrate it in projects by downloading and installing the NuGet Package.

Juice UI also allows you to create flexible, interactive web applications quickly. Make your site have behaviors such as drag & drop, resizing, sorting and selecting. Also, build applications with accordions, autocompletes, datepickers and many more. Juice UI is also a great alternative to the widely used Ajax Control Toolkit requiring .NET 4.0+.

Every control is very well-documented, provides examples and links to the original UI widgets for further documentation.

ASP .NET controls for the popular jQuery UI Widgets

jQuery UI for ASP NET

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