5 HTML5 tutorials worth checking out

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HTML5 is an upgraded version of HTML. For those who don’t know what HTML stands for, you can have a look here. Going back to our post, HTML5 has brought quite new features (most of them awesome) and we are going to talk about them for a little bit.

HTML5’s most used and talked about features are media playback (video, audio), canvas drawing and offline storage. On HTML5, to play video/audio files in your webpage you usually reached out for Flash (or Silverlight). Using HTML5 you can now play/embed video and audio tags easily with “<video>” and “<audio>” (no plugin is required). Currently there are some debates on which file format should the browser support best (some of them are going with Ogg – FF and some or going with H.264 format – Apple).

Another major addition is that you can now store offline data using HTML5 web applications. This is quite awesome because you can now build desktop applications in HTML5 or making your website run without an Internet connection and any changes are automatically synced when going online. HTML5 also adds new interactivity features (check drag-and-drop on Gmail – Its build with HTML5).

HTML5 canvas gives you an easy and powerful way to draw graphics using JavaScript. For each canvas element you can use a “context” (think about a page in a drawing pad), into which you can issue JavaScript commands to draw anything you want. Browsers can implement multiple canvas contexts and the different APIs provide the drawing functionality.

But, quite enough about what is HTML5, lets get back to our tutorial list.

5 HTML5 tutorials worth checking out

Designing a HTML5 layout from scratch – Smashing Magazine

HTML5 starter layout from scratch - Smashing Magazine

A well presented HTML5 tutorial from the guys @Smashing Magazine. The tutorial includes notes about design, markup, CSS and aftermath and each subcategory of them. It covers all basic HTML5 elements and its a great kickstart for new projects.

Design a blog with HTML5 – HTML5 Doctor

Design a HTML5 blog layout - HTML5Doctor

This blog posts talks about HTML5 but in a technical point of view. To clarify this a little bit, there are a lot of comparisons between the old HTML and the new HTML5. It covers almost all new attributes and is quite well written.

Coding a HTML5/CSS3 one-page website – Tutorialzine

One page HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery template tutorial

This tutorial is about creating a one-page website using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery. Its a well written tutorial and covers the HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. There is also a Demo and Download link and a HTML4 template is also provided.

Create a form using HTML5 – 24way

Form development with HTML5

This tutorial covers form development using HTML5. Its well written and understandable.

Create a Website with HTML5 and CSS3 – PVMGARAGE

Elegant website with HTML5/CSS3

Now this is quite awesome. Its a long tutorial but worth reading because you can learn a couple of things about HTML5 and CSS3. It includes screenshots, HTML5/CSS3 code and everything you need to understand on how to create suck and awesome site.

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    Yeah now a days most of the browsers are compatible with HTML5.The main benefits of using HTML5 includes- It brings HTML up to date in terms of what developers have been struggling to do with HTML4 via plugins etc., including managing data, drawing, video and audio, and to provide websites that deliver what the users want better and faster.Nice stuff.Thanks for sharing links of such useful tutorials.

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