5+ Fresh CSS tools for developers

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Web technologies are constantly shifting up and down and upgrading to new stuff by the day. Developers (like me) usually don’t have much time to invest in new tools and thats why every list of new technologies are always a best way to go.

Today, we provide one of this kind of lists, and basically related to CSS tool. Hopefully, this list will help you decide on what new CSS tools to use in your project and simplify the way you work. The list includes LESS tools, CSS shape tools, CSS/HTML/JavaScript code cleaning tools and Sprite generation tools.

CSS3 Shapes

CSS3 shapes

The project shares a list of different shapes built only using CSS3. The list includes triangle, diamond, start, egg, heart and many more. All of them are built using CSS3 technologies so they are not so good for daily use, but its a great resource for inspiration.

CSS Arrow Please

CSS3 arrows please

A great way to generate CSS based arrow tooltips. The generator provides some great options (position, color, border values, etc) and generates the CSS code depending on what you select. The result is a CSS tooltip without any images.


CSS 2 LESS convertor

A great web-based tool that converts regular CSS code to LESS code. The tool uses the Ruby library (css2less) and you are free to use it on your website being open source.

SpritePad – easy create css sprites

CSS sprite generator

An impressive web based application that allows you to drag and drop images into its canvas, position them and get the auto-generated CSS code for the sprite. Once you arranged all the images, SpritePad automatically creates a zip file with the sprite image and the CSS code. A premium version is also available for those who want more features.

Crunch: Less editor and compiler

LESS editor and compiler

A free CSS/LESS editor what has support for syntax highlighting, multi-tab and more. The application automatically exports the CSS version of the file once LESS file is saved.



A lightweight JavaScript file that automatically creates vendor-specific CSS3 properties that are required for old browser versions on the client side. Has support for most CSS3 properties and works with all browsers (including IE6).

DirtyMarkup: Make your HTML/CSS/JavaScript code beautiful

Dirty markup clearner (CSS/HTML/JavaScript)

A free web-based application that helps you clean your messy code. It has support for HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript and works by combining the power of HTML Tidy, CSS tidy and JS Beautify.

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