4 audio wordpress plugins for your blog

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We all know that WordPress is an extremely extensible CMS and that you can turn it into a e-commerce shop, blog, video blog, etc. But what happens if you want to add audio to your blog? Today I will show you a couple of audio WordPress plugins to get you started with audio on your blog.

4 audio WordPress plugins for your blog

1.WP Audio Player

This audio WordPress plugin lets visitors that come to your site play music that is assigned to the specific posts. To make it work, you first need to upload and assign the song to the post and then use [media-player] shortcode to display the music player in the specific post/page.

Download WP Audio Player

2.Music Affiliate Pro

This music affiliation audio plugin is highly helpful if you write about music frequently and want do earn some money while doing it. You can use the plugin to easily insert affiliate links to various websites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or eMusic.

Download Music Affiliate Pro

3.oEmbed HTML5 Audio

This is a HTML5 WordPress audio plugin that lets you play audio using HTML in your posts or pages. The main feature about this is that provides a fallback flash player for browsers that currently don’t support HTML5.

Download oEmbed HTML5 Audio


This WordPress audio plugin is also based on HTML5 player and provides fallback through Flash but also Silverlight. To make it work you need to upload your music file and then embed it using the following shortcode

Download MediaElement.js

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