10 CSS3/jQuery loading animations

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Personally, I simply love the combination of CSS3 and jQuery so that’s why today, we will see a couple of CSS3 and jQuery loading animations. But, surely we need to remember that CSS3 animations are not yet supported in older browsers and some of the new browsers also (Opera doesn’t support full CSS3 features, but probably will be supported in the future).

Most of the CSS3 and jQuery animations that we provide today are quite handy when loading Ajax content, and you can create your custom animations easily from our starting points. We also provide some Canvas animations also.

10 CSS3/jQuery loading animations

1. spin.js

spin.js is a nice library for creating a circular animation. There are a lot of options you can chose to customize the circular animation (lines, length, width, radius, speed, etc) and no images or external CSS is required. jQuery support is provided but is not required. Also, uses VML as fallback for old IEs.

Spin.js - create spinners without images

Download/Demo spin.js

2. CanvasLoader Creator

CanvasLoader is a free online tool you can use to generate scripted preloaders (spinners or throbblers) that you can use in your HTML5 projects. There are some great options to customize your preloader like diameter, density, range, FPS or speed and you can also choose the canvas animation color or shape.

Canvas preloader generator

View CanvasLoader

3. CSS3 Loading Animation

Alessio Atzeni has written a nice tutorial how to create CSS3 animations that can be used as a preloader for images. Currently the CSS3 animation works only in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

CSS3 animation loop

View Tutorial/Demo

4. Flickr Style Loading Animation Using JQuery

A well written tutorial about how to accomplish a Flickr like animation.

Flickr like animation with jQuery


5. CSS3 Loading Animation

Another great share from Alessio Atzeni who created a simple CSS3 loading animation. As usual, support for this kind of animations is limited to Firefox, Safari and Chrome (for the moment).

CSS3 loading animations

View Tutorial/Demo

6. CSS Loading Animation Circle Style

CSS3 loading circle animation


7. Sonic – Looping loaders

Sonic, a lightweight JavaScript “class” is best used to create custom loading animations. Works best with looping animations. Sonic uses HTML5 “canvas” element working in all modern browsers.

Sonic JavaScript loading (preloaders) library

Download/Demo Sonic

8. Ajax Style Loading Animation in CSS3

A nice tutorial on how to create awesome CSS3 Ajax style loading animations. No images are required to accomplish this.

Ajax style CSS3 animations

View Demo/Tutorial

9. Bouncy Animated Loading Animation

Bouncy CSS3 loading animation


10. CSS3 loading spinners (no images)

CSS3 spinners with no images


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Akash Raj dahal says:

Awesome collection and thanks a lot.

Posted on September 13th, 2012

Shakeel says:

Nice collections…. thnx… :)

Posted on January 15th, 2013

Mark says:

Take a look at this one to see how far you can go with ONLY css


Posted on April 9th, 2013