Responsive drop-down navigation for mobiles and small screen devices

SelectNav.js is a new JavaScript plugin that lets you easily convert your website navigation into a select drop-down menu. Using this responsive menu plugin alongside with media queries, it helps you create a space saving and responsive navigation for small screen devices. The plugin was inspired from TinyNav.js but it has been rewritten so that […]

Make any web page annotatable

Today I present you guys a JavaScript library and tool that can be added to any web page and make it annotatable. The annotations themselves can have comments, tags, users and many more. The library was design for easy extensibility so its is pretty easy to add new features or behaviors. The library is well […]

Free database manager for MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite & More

For all web developers that work with database engines, today we have a great application that you definitely need to add to your collection. DBeaver, a free database manager works with all popular database engines like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Sybase, Firebird and much more. The database manager is built upon Java so its working […]

JavaScript framework similar to CoffeScript

Similar to CoffeScript, LiveScript (the library we are presenting today) is a language that compiles down to JavaScript forked from Coco which is derived from the know JavaScript library CoffeScript. Being similar, LiveScript is relatively straightforward mapping to JavaScript but much more compatible with CoffeeScript, more functional and more feature rich. The main goal of […]

Responsive CSS framework with a UI Kit

Gumby is a new and great responsive CSS grid framework (similar to 960px grid system) that is great for developing new projects. Why do I say this? Well, Gumby is a very customizable grid system that without any big effort can be configured to work in any resolution satisfying every need (possibilities are endless, the […]

Drop downs with images – jQuery plugin

You can always improve your pages both from the usability point of view and design point of view. Today we have a lightweight jQuery plugin named ddSlick that upgrades the behavior and usability of list-menus adding a better look and more information. The plugin simply works as a drop-down menu offering the possibility to add […]

CSS3 transitions with jQuery

CSS3 transitions can be easily achieved using and coding CSS3 but usually takes time and you need to consider browser support and browser prefixes. Today we provide a jQuery plugin to help you maximize your time when dealing with CSS3 transitions. The plugin is called jQuery Transit and works perfect in IE 10+, Firefox 4+, […]

Data grid component for Dojo

Dgrid, a lightweight full featured component for Dojo has become the next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores. Modular and easy extensible, the grid component system for Dojo is released under open-source license. Using the grid component you can easily resize columns, drag and drop, reorder, pagination and much […]

Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

Today we are going to talk about a HTML5 Rich text editor called wysihtml5. Coming as an Open Source tool, the text editor is based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. The editor is using a sophisticated security concept aiming to generate fully HTML5 markup preventing inline styles and unmaintainable tags. The HTML5 text […]

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