Gallery of CSS3 transitions: Animatable

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CSS3 transitions are somehow new in the web world, and bring many possibilities on animating and morphing HTML elements. So, today’s gallery features neat CSS3 transitions that you can use in your feature projects/experiments/etc. Lea Verou has created and is willing to share with us a beautiful CSS3 experiment called Animatable. This experiment showcases different […]

600 unique iphone icons for free

What’s a site without icons right? IconShock has provide us a pack of 600 iphone icons called “Shock iPhone icons”. The pack includes over 600 unique items that are designed to meet the requirements of the iOS guidlines. The pack includes icons that can be used in most of mobile or web applications (icons for […]

News ticker using jQuery: The Plugin

I think every sites needs a good space to show off the latest news. But, doing this is a professional way is even better. Today will discus about jQuery News Ticker (the plugin). Main features about this plugin include buttons (can be customized) for prev-forward intro news, play or pause controls and a couple of […]

jQuery countdown plugin for your project

Well, from now and then everyone needs a countdown timer on their website (at least I used it a couple of times), and if you have a nice and simple plugin that does this job for you it’s even better. Today, we will take a peak at jQuery countdown plugin. Basically, this does all the […]

Soft Image Transition using CSS3

Usually, making transitions on images required some JavaScript skills to accomplish. But, with the new CSS3 code that just arrived, you can do this very easily without JavaScript. Keep in mind that I’m not the one who build this, but found it interesting and wanted to share it with you. Denis Bobrovnikov did this great […]

Bookmark and note manager: Kippt

I think you have the same number of sites you visit like I do, right? And sometimes is very hard to get that one site that you need. Well, our problems has reached the end of their journey. Kippt is here! This great sites offers a new and elegant way to bookmark your favorite sites […]

LESSCSS compiler for Windows, MAC or Linux

If you ended up here, then you probably use or at least know about LESSCSS framework. But, what is this great CSS framework with out a compiler application that exports the regular CSS file for you? Well, I just came across SimpleLESS. What’s this? Well, to know about SimpleLESS, you need to know about LESSCSSS […]

Bind Keyboard combinations to events with JavaScript: jWerty

If you ever wanted to bind JavaScript functions to custom keyboard combinations you are in luck. jWerty is a JavaScript library for binding, fire or asserting key combinations strings to any element or event on the page. The plugin normalises the STD API into something easy to use and clear. jWerty is small, weighing around […]

List of free CSS3 generators

Well, if you didn’t know about CSS so far, you can find some great info here. Now, CSS3 is relatively new and has some great features to show off. Most of them were introduced to reduce the amount of time you would need to code to reach the same result (e.g. border-radius, shadows on text, […]

JavaScript motion framework: jsMorph

jsMorph is a JavaScript animation framework that can help you animate almost any HTML element on your page. The framework auto-detects start positions, auto convert units and it automatically adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for a smoother animation experience. jsMorph can do single or grouped triggering and can handle plenty of unique callback […]

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