create .zip files using JavaScript

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In nowadays, JavaScript is capable of creating a lot of data (modifying the DOM, getting content via AJAX, etc) and users especially want to download as much of that data as possible. But, providing larger amount of data may waste a lot of server resources and bandwidth. Usually, the best thing is to compress your […]

Free online image optimizer:

To create faster loading pages, it’s important to keep every files as smallest as possible (even if the files is a JavaScript one or a simple image). When we export an image from our favorite image editor, we usually play with various variables to make sure they are well optimized for web (optimizing colors, file […]

OSX dock build in CSS

Michael Hüneburg has developed some great stuff over the time, and CSS Dock (V2) is one of them. Basically, CSS Dock is an experiment that’s trying to duplicate the OS X dock but only using CSS. CSS Dock provides all the cool stuff like labels, animations, reflections and indicators. This is Version 2 so leaner […]

Mobile framework comparasion

If you start a new project is always good to know the PROs and BADs of a new frameworks before starting to build up your future project. So, regarding this manner, Markus Falk build up a frequently-updated chart that keeps track of pros and bads of mobile frameworks out there. It’s a good and details […]

WYSIWYG Visual Editor for UI Mockups

Maqetta is an open-source project providing WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 interface. The application itself is based on HTML and runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads. Maqetta allows UXD (User Experience Designers) to perform drag and drop assembly of live UI mockups. In fact, one of Maqetta’s key design goals is […]

ownCloud – Free web open source file app manager

Due to bad privacy that kind of changes very often on major sites like Google or Facebook, users want more and more to self-host their files, contacts or information and don’t worry about privacy anymore. Well, ownCloud has thought of this and build up a cool applications to support this movement. The application has a […]

CSS3 transitions and transforms with jQuery

As we all know, CSS3 transitions or transforms provide a huge range of animating possibilities on HTML elements. But if you want to achieve this CSS3 transitions or transforms using jQuery, then you certainly need jQuery Transit. This plugin will help you implement CSS3 transitions and transforms. Having the same syntax as “.animate” this plugin […]

Upload file with progress: HTML5

So in the end seems that HTML5 finally solved the problem with the upload (showing the progress as the file uploads). Essentially, to create this you need to hook into the server’s byte stream while it is receiving a file so you know how many bytes you received and send that information back to the […]

Manipulating or formatting date with JavaScript

If you ever needed to parse, manipulate or format dates using JavaScript, you can now do this using Moment.js. This lightweight JavaScript date library was designed to work both in browser but in NodeJS also. All the code will work in both environments, and all the unit tests will run in both env. also. To […]

lorem ipsum random text generator: Cupcake

You know that time when you just finished up developing and integrating your design and need some dummy text to check how the layout works? Yes, you probably know. And you also know how sometime frustrating is to have same text for different parts of your site. Well, Cupcake Ipsum is here to help us […]

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