10+ CSS frameworks worth considering

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Coding nowadays has become faster and faster due to different CSS/HTML/JavaScript frameworks and I kind of love that. The problem is that more frameworks are build everyday and picking up the good ones might be quite difficult. So, today’s list features a nice set of CSS frameworks that is worth checking out. All the frameworks […]

Calculate timespans between two dates easily

Countdown.js is a small JavaScript library that helps you calculate and display timespans between dates. Its a simple and useful library if you want to show up different dates from when your time was launched, baby years, etc. Countdown.js calculates the value continuously and this way it keeps generating accurate output. The library can provide […]

Build beautiful maps with TileMill

Building maps nowadays is quite easy but its a long time process. TileMill helps you build beautiful interactive maps easily. Build upon some great modern open source libraries (Mapnik, node.js, backbone.js, express, CodeMirror), TileMill supports mobile and by leveraging the portable, fast MBTiles format, each TileMill map will look and work great on the web […]

simple and powerful web CSS editor

If you ever wanted to code (only CSS) on your site from anywhere, you can now do this using WebPutty. This hosted service is a simple CSS editing application which gives you a syntax-highlighting CSS editor, lets you use the power of SCSS and Compass, provides a side-by-side preview panel, instant publishing with minification, compression […]

Zoom into images easily: PanoJS3

You sometimes need to make some images bigger or simply zoom on them on click or any other action. PanoJS3 is a JavaScript widget that can help you achieve this. Basically, this widget stitches up together a set of images and afterwards presenting them with panning and zooming support. This can be very useful for […]

Open source RSS reader / aggregator

If you ever need an open source web application that can fetch content from any number of sources, you definitely need to check out selfoss. This lightweight (less than 2 MB) web application by default can fetch content from RSS feeds but, having a great plugin system you can extend it to grab any type […]

HTML5/Silverlight/Windows Phone video player

Microsoft media platform has created a video player framework that supports HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other platforms. This video framework is open source and offers a JavaScript API for controlling the player. The API methods are the same for the HTML5 or Silverlight version. This HTML5 player framework has support playlists using an array […]

jQuery HTML5 mobile framework

Seems that mobile market is getting larger and larger everyday and mobile optimized websites has become a need. To accomplish this kind of website that is optimized for major mobile OS’s you definitely need a nice framework to do all the major things for you. jQuery mobile framework has just announced their first stable release […]

Image comparison using JavaScript

Did you ever wanted to get the differences between to images fast? Probably not, but I think in the future you might want to. This is when IM.js comes in. This JavaScript library can help you find the differences between images quickly. The library scans the images you added pixel by pixel using HTML5 canvas […]

MimiGlyphs: 80 pixel-perfect web icons for free

MimiGlyphs has provide a nice set of 80 slick pixel-perfect icons that you can use in your web applications for free. The set comes in .PSD and .CSH (custom shape Photoshop) edit file types but also in transparent PNG format (16px*16px). The pack includes icons of actions, charts, comments, devices, social networking and other types. […]

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