Working with HTML5 canvas: JavaScript library

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EaselJS is a JavaScript library for helping out when working with HTML5 canvas. What Easel does is to provide a retained graphics mode for HTML5 canvas including a full, hierarchical display list, a core interaction model or classes to make working with HTML5 canvas much easier (we all know that currently, canvas in HTML5 is […]

Free WordPress theme – BlogPro

Day 4 of our free WordPress theme campaign. Today we present BlogPro, a smart theme build and suitable for General/Blog blogs. The free WordPress theme comes with 8+ custom widgets and has an easy to use administration panel (you can easily upload your logo or favicon). Free WordPress theme – BlogPro – Features & Screenshot […]

Free WordPress Theme – DesignPro

Day 3 of our Free WordPress themes program includes DesignPro. This WordPress theme is suitable for general/personal blog niche and has some stunning visuals and functionality. DesignPro free WordPress theme comes with social sharing features that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. The full list of features can be found bellow. Free WordPress Theme […]

Awesome parallax scrolling with Stellar.js

Now normal scrolling is a nice way to go, but if you want to use horizontal scrolling, what you going to use? Stellar.js is a jQuery plugin that provides this functionality (parallax scrolling effect) to any scrolling element. There are a lot of options provided like speed (scrolling speed), ratio or other configurable options. There […]

Auto-refresh web page on CSS edit

Well all now how annoying it is to make a CSS modifications and for each modification you need a browser refresh to see the results. Well, I think this nice little thing called CSSrefresh might help you out. CSSrefresh is a small JavaScript file that automates this process by instantly applying your modifications without a […]

Free WordPress Theme – WorldWide

Day 2 of our free WordPress themes includes WorldWide. This is a 2 column theme that offers Option/Admin panel, featured posts and post thumbnail image. This free WordPress theme is suitable for general blogs. Free WordPress Theme – WorldWide – Features & Screenshot Options Page Featured Content Ads banners ready Logo .PSD included Social buttons […]

Mobile JavaScript framework – Spine Mobile

Just found another great JavaScript mobile framework that is build on top of SpineJS. Using this JavaScript mobile framework you can achieve web applications that look and feel native on most smartphones. By default, Spine Mobiles comes with specialized controllers, panel layout and hardware accelerated transitions plus touch events. The JavaScript mobile framework is well […]

JobPress – Free Job WordPress theme

JobPress is an small but awesome and free WordPress theme for creating a Job website. The functionality of this job WordPress theme is quite easy, registered users adding jobs to be later approved by admins. Current version supports WordPress 3 and a number of nice features are provided (check bellow). JobPress – Free Job WordPress […]

10 CSS3/jQuery loading animations

Personally, I simply love the combination of CSS3 and jQuery so that’s why today, we will see a couple of CSS3 and jQuery loading animations. But, surely we need to remember that CSS3 animations are not yet supported in older browsers and some of the new browsers also (Opera doesn’t support full CSS3 features, but […]

JavaScript image preloader for HTML5

PxLoaded is a nice but awesome JavaScript library that gives you the option to download images, sound files or anything before you can take a specific action on your site. You can use it as a JavaScript image preloader for your HTML5 applications. It let’s you monitor the download status providing progress and completed events […]

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