Iframe Facebook apps creating toolkit

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Fbootstrapp is an awesome toolkit designed to kickstart development of iframe Facebook apps in both relevant sizes. Based on Twitter’s great bootstrap, and coming with some LESS goodness (like Twitter’s bootstrap), this iframe Facebook apps creating toolkit includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and many more. Also, the awesomeness […]

Free WordPress theme – Neptuniumize

Day 14 from our free WordPress theme a day campaign. Today we present Neptuniumize. This minimalist magazine theme comes with unlimited background color options, but the great functionality of “.pot” files to make easy translations. The WordPress theme was tested in multisite environment and this makes it a WordPress MU compatible theme. This is an […]

Free WordPress theme – Sintea

Day 13. Sintea. This free WordPress theme comes with widgets, extensive theme options and automatically updating slideshow. Using Sintea, your blog will always look modern and up to date. Its suitable best for personal blogs. Free WordPress theme – Sintea – features & screenshot Easy to use options page Featured Image Ready 125×125 banners ready […]

Custom HTML5 video player based on jQuery

Acorn Media Player is a small jQuery plugin for implementing a custom HTML5 video player that focuses specially on accessibility and customization. Therefor, being build with accessibility in mind, this HTML5 video player provides full keyboard control using standard tab-based navigation but also screen-reader support, accessible themes and other nice accessibility tweaks. Acorn HTML5 video […]

Free Photoshop grid plugin – GuideGuide

Usually, dealing with Photoshop grids is causing a large headache and you need to have nerves of steel (at least this is happening to me). But, it doesn’t necessarily needs to be that way. With GuideGuide, dealing with Photoshop grids has never been easier. Pixel columns, rows, midpoints and baselines can now be created based […]

Free WordPress theme – CreamBlog

Day 12 and again a new free WordPress theme. This time, we present CreamBlog. This 2 column WordPress theme comes with an Option/admin panel but also featured posts and post thumbnail functionality. CreamBlog WordPress theme is suitable for personal and fashion blogs. Free WordPress theme – CreamBlog – features & screenshot Options Page Featured Content […]

Free WordPress theme – Creativa

Day 11 comes out with Creativa WordPress theme. This free WordPress theme uses the latest technologies in WordPress (custom menus, backgrounds and featured images). Creativa is suitable for general blogs and has an easy-to-use admin options page. Free WordPress theme – Creativa – features & screenshot Easy to use options page Featured Image Ready 125×125 […]

Scrolling with jQuery – Scrollorama

Scrolling with jQuery has never been easy! We present Scrollorama. This scrolling jQuery plugin is a great way to create eye-candy effects in parallel to the scrolling of web pages. By dividing the content into small blocks, the scrolling jQuery plugin allows you to animate elements on the page (when the specific element is reached) […]

2 UI bootstraps – Twitter & jQuery

Today we present 2 UI bootstraps (one from Twitter, and the other from @addyosmani) to help you get stared with your development of webappps and sites. Each bootstrap includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and many more. First, the Twitter bootstrap, designed to kickstart development of web applications and […]

Free WordPress theme – Motion

Day 10 from our free WordPress theme campaign. Today we present Motion Magazine. This theme is suitable for personal/news/image blogs and provides a list of features that makes this free WordPress theme, a premium one. Motion Magazine works with the latest WordPress version and has an powerful Admin Panel. Free WordPress theme – Motion – […]

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