JavaScript RSS parser: FeedEk

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We know that there are a lot of RSS parsers out there written in different programming languages. But what if we want to do this action (parsing and display RSS and Atom feeds) using JavaScript? To help us in this manner, FeedEk was born. This RSS parser is written in jQuery and allows you to […]

Free WordPress theme – Gridly

Day 19 has come and we have prepared Gridly WordPress theme. This free Folio WordPress theme is minimal and responsive and its ideal for graphic designers or photographers who want to expose their work. Gridly has a set of nice features that make it into a free but premium WordPress theme. Free WordPress theme – […]

5 HTML5 tutorials worth checking out

HTML5 is an upgraded version of HTML. For those who don’t know what HTML stands for, you can have a look here. Going back to our post, HTML5 has brought quite new features (most of them awesome) and we are going to talk about them for a little bit. HTML5’s most used and talked about […]

Free WordPress theme – PhoneTech

Day 18 and we present PhoneTech. This free WordPress theme is best suitable for those who are looking for a mobile phone ant tech website and its compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Has feature image support, admin/option panel and SEO optimized. For full list of features, check bellow. Free WordPress theme – PhoneTech […]

Facebook or Twitter like @mention user with jQuery

If you ever wanted to create a functionality to mention a user like you find on Twitter or Facebook, you now can do it with jquery.mentionsInput. This small but awesome UI component, allows you to easily @mention someone in a text message. This has been become open source for a while (was an internal project […]

Free WordPress theme – ColorPulse

Day 17 is here, and also ColorPulse. This 2 column free WordPress theme comes with Option/Admin panel, featured posts and posts thumbnail image. Its best suitable for web-design and development sites. Free WordPress theme – ColorPulse – features & Screenshot Options Page Featured Content Ads banners ready Logo .PSD included Twitter Facebook Demo Download

Free WordPress theme – Artista

Day 16. Artista WordPress theme is here! This free WordPress theme is suitable best for General/Blog sites and comes designed with AD spaces, widget areas and many more customizations. Free WordPress theme – Artista – features & screenshot Easy to use options page Featured Image Ready 125×125 banners ready (easy editable from admin options) Compatible […]

Color manipulation using JavaScript

Sometimes you need to manipulate colors, meaning you need conversion from a color type to another color type or simply get the complimentary color. Well, today we talk about Colors. Colors is a standalone JavaScript library that comes with features to manipulate colors in a large multiple ways. Color can handle conversions (RGB to Hexadecimal […]

Free WordPress theme – Hyped

Day 15. Hyped WordPress theme is here! This theme is suitable for magazine blogs and its responsive, is feature-rich and also provides full mobile support. Hyped was designed to look elegant, professional and definitely awesome. Check the features bellow. Free WordPress theme – Hyped – features & screenshot Responsive Clean, Minimal Design Social bookmarking links […]

Image slider in jQuery done easily

If you do a simple Google search, you will find out that there are more than a couple of image sliders in jQuery and each of them has its own design and functionality. But sometimes there is the need to create a custom image slider in jQuery, and is preferably if you have a boilerplate […]

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