Open Source ajax file manager system

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If you develop a project that requires a web ajax file manager, then AjaXplorer is the thing you need. Having a similar to any OS out there, user can easily share files/folders over the internet easily. They can also preview and edit most common file formats directly without having to download or upload the files […]

Truncate text using JavaScript – Cutter.js

Sometimes, when working on projects, displaying blocks of information may take up some page space and thus making the user scroll until he gets the desirable information. Usually, we use different plugins or code snippets to truncate text and most of them are written in programming languages that you project uses (PHP, Java, etc). Most […]

jQuery scroll plugin – Page Scroller

I blogged a couple of days or weeks ago about a jQuery scroll plugin called Scrollorama that enabled you to easily create eye-candy effects on your pages animating elements when scrolling at its position. Today, searching for a custom made jQuery scroll plugin I came across Page Scroller. This jQuery scroll plugin is similar to […]

Custom and infinite jQuery slider plugin

Ok, sliders are a great way to attract user attention and building one is quite easy because there are a lot of full and working jQuery sliders out there. Their main problem is that they come with specific themes and controls and you don’t quite have full control over the jQuery slider. Sequence is one […]

jQuery zoom effect on any HTML element

Yes, there are a lot of jQuery zoom plugins out there but most of them zoom in images only. Today we present another jQuery zoom plugin that easily zoom on any web page element. To make the plugin work, you simply need to add a class (zoomTarget) to the element you want to zoom on. […]

Small handy list of CSS3 button generators

In the old days, buttons were usually styled up via image editing programs like Photoshop or Fireworks. Some buttons were simply designed without any cool effects you can add using image editing programs (this usually happened to input HTML tags and the only thing you could do was to change the background color, border color […]

Customizable JQuery image viewer with CSS3

There are lot of jQuery image viewers out there and most of them are cool, no problem. The problem is that not all are fully customizable and come with CSS3 support. Glisse.js is one of those jQuery image viewers that provide full customization, are simple and responsive and the transitions effect are fully assumed by […]

Advanced jQuery tooltip plugin

Usually tooltips are a good and cool way to show specific information about almost any details without destroying your page design. We all know that there are a lot of cool jQuery tooltip plugins out there and most of them are simple and very easy to integrate in your website. But what happens when you […]

JavaScript Markdown embeddable editor

There are a lot of WYSIWYGs plugins and scripts out there but most of them are not that good. If we take a look at big sites like GitHub, Stackoverflow and more, we can see they are starting to use Markdown as they editing option. Today, we present a JavaScript Markdown embeddable editor called EpicEditor. […]

Mashable clone WordPress theme

Today we present a free WordPress theme that is a clone of the popular Mashable websites. The theme is suitable for any blog, magazine or business website and comes with a large number of features like multiple skins, homepage manager, solid backend, custom widgets and much more. Mashable clone WordPress theme – features & screenshot […]

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