In-Browser code editing library

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CodeMirror is the library we are talking about and its used to create a pleasant editor interface for code-like content (HTML markup, computer programs, etc). So, in big terms, if there is a mode for the language your are editing, the specific code will be colored. Also, CodeMirror supports other great stuff like Autocompletition, Mode […]

Upgraded version of Twitter’s Bootstrap

I wrote some time ago a post about 2 UI Boostraps which are some great startup bootstraps. But, today I’m going to present even a greater bootstrap you can use in your future projects. Its called Kickstrap and its an upgrade to Twitter bootstrap. Lets detail Kickstrap a little bit to see what it offers […]

Emulate HTML5 audio in all browsers

If you want to use the full power of HTML5’s audio tag, then Audio.js is the JavaScript library you need. It easily allows you to use the “audio” tag anywhere. Its Using the “audio” native tag where available and an small invisible flash player for browsers that don’t support it. The JavaScript audio library also […]

JavaScript code syntax highlighting library

If you own a technical website or blog you surely have wrote some posts that provide code examples and you surely want your code syntax highlighted. There are a lot of library and plugins out there that do the job good (e.g: Google Syntax Highlighter). Today we present an pretty cool alternative for code syntax […]

Set of 100 Pictograms in OpenType Font, EPS and Web Font

Every projects has its icons and sometimes is hard to find the ones that suits it. So, today we provide a set of 100+ carefully developed and designed pictograms that are available in OpenType font, vector EPS but also Web font. I hope that this set will reduce the effort and time when searching for […]

JavaScript touch event controller plugin

Ok, so the JavaScript touch event plugin is called Hammer.js and its a JavaScript library that requires JQuery to work. It can easily be used to control gestures on any touch device. The JavaScript touch events supported by Hammer.js are: Tap, Double Tap, Hold, Drag and Transform. Evey touch event returns callbacks as event, position […]

jQuery UI components – Chico UI

Most jQuery developers out there use jQuery UI for their theming and UI interface components and I agree that it does the job pretty well. But, searching for themes for jQuery UI, I came across an alternative of it called Chico UI (an open source and free set of UI components that work perfectly with […]

Modern JavaScript date library – xDate

There are a lot of JavaScript date library out there and most of them are not updated to new technologies that’s why today we present XDate. The library is a thin wrapper around the JavaScript’s native date object and provides functionality for JavaScript date parsing, JavaScript date formatting, JavaScript date manipulating and setters and getters […]

Graph JavaScript library – Morris.js

Morris.js is a graph JavaScript library that generates beautiful time-series data and can do this based on just a few lines of code. Morris.js is very lightweight! The graph JavaScript library is built on top jQuery and Raphael can simply displays data over an interactive line graph. The library also provides a API with a […]

ViniSketch Designer – Create mobile apps on OSX

If you are a fan of Mac OSX and also a developer, than ViniSketch Designer might come in handy when developing mobile apps using only native web technologies. The mobile app creator comes with feature-rich visual editors + dataflow and code editors for keeping the dev under control. The engine of ViniSketch has support for […]

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