jQuery plugin for working with tables – jTable

jTable is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create Ajaxed, feature-rich CRUD interfaces using little effort. The jQuery table plugin automatically generates all the HTML needed and uses jQuery UI for adding and editing dialogs. All the records can be easily browsed with an Ajax paginated system and they can also be sorted (server-side) […]

jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library

jPlayer is a jQuery HTML5 audio or video plugin that allows you to rapidly add cross-browser audio or video into your pages. Providing a great API, the jQuery HTML5 audio/video plugin allows you to create innovative media solutions having the benefit of a growing community for support. The plugin is totally customizable and skinnable via […]

Online CSS sprite generator

As a web developer you always try to make your projects perform great (regarding speed, rendering, etc). There are a lot of ways to make a website load quickly providing great performance. Using CSS sprites is one of those methods (reducing HTTP requests thus resulting in faster loading times). In short term, CSS sprites are […]

ASP .NET controls for the popular jQuery UI Widgets

With Juice UI you can control the interface of using jQuery UI in your ASP.NET projects. Basically, Juice UI is a set of ASP.NET controls and extenders for the whole widgets of jQuery UI. You can easily integrate it in projects by downloading and installing the NuGet Package. Juice UI also allows you to create […]

Tooltip your images with iPicture

Ok, so I did a small search and saw that there are a lot of image tooltip plugins and most of them work on hover and retrieve information from the HTML alt tag. The fact is that this image tooltip plugins don’t offer a lot of configuration options and mainly they just display a small […]

jQuery slideshow plugin – Camera

Today we present a jQuery slideshow plugin called Camera. Whats different from other plugins you ask? Well, mainly the fact that this jQuery slideshow plugin is also responsive. Slides can easily contain any HTML element (images, text, etc) and the jQuery slideshow will do the rest displaying all in a good looking interface using some […]

Dynamically resize background image with jQuery

There are a lot of libraries and plugins (mainly written in PHP) that can automatically resize images but to resize background images, is quite a different thing. Backstretch is a jQuery plugin that allows you to automatically resize background image on any page. The functionality is simple, the plugin stretching any image to fit the […]

Grid System for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

First of all, for those who ask what is a grid system, I will try to explain in a few words before we talk about the actual resource. So, a grid system in design or development is a way of organizing the content in a specific page using a combination of margins, guides, columns and […]

jQuery image effect on hover done easily

When you have a great designed website, you don’t need to add any strong effects to impress your users but when you don’t … meh… catching users attention on different parts of the site is quite hard to do. Most effects are usually done by jQuery or similar JavaScript plugins and today we are going […]

In-Browser code editing library

CodeMirror is the library we are talking about and its used to create a pleasant editor interface for code-like content (HTML markup, computer programs, etc). So, in big terms, if there is a mode for the language your are editing, the specific code will be colored. Also, CodeMirror supports other great stuff like Autocompletition, Mode […]

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